Experience nature in Mondsee

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Youth hostel Mondsee

Krankenhausstraße 9
5310 Mondsee
Tel.: +43-6232-2418
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This will be a week full of nature, the fascinating history of Lake Mondsee and its surroundings, lots of sports and being together with your schoolmates.

Monday: After lunch you will go for a walk to the Erlachmühle which is the only working mill there. You can try the bread which is made of the fresh flour.

Tuesday: In the morning you will build a float together with your outdoor coaches and try to ride it on the lake. 
In the afternoon you will go treasure hunting. GPS-devices will help you find the right place.

Wednesday: At Gut Aiderbichl - an animal sanctuary - most of the animals have a sad past. Watch them enjoy their new lives! In the afternoon you play team games together with your outdoor coaches. In the evening there´s the highlight of the week: a ride on a ship on lake Mondsee with a lasershow and your own disco music.

Thursday: Trip to Salzburg to the House of Nature. In an interactive way topics like the genesis of the world, the human body or the universe are visualised. In the Science Lab you do your own experiments. In the afternoon you can visit Salzburg or do whatever you please.

Friday: In the fitness park "Fipamola" pupils can play football or use the freerunning-parcours and have fun.

  • 4 nights in a more bedded room ensuite (twin rooms for teachers)
  • half- or fullboard
  • bus to Gut Aiderbichl and Salzburg not included, appr. 30-40 Euro
  • prices halfboard and programme 2024 pupil: 274 Euro, teacher: 190 Euro
  • prices fullboard and programme 2024 pupil: 311 Euro, teacher: 227 Euro
  • local taxes 2,40 Euro per teacher and night
  • prices and programme are subject to change